The Benefits of Having a Photo Booth Rental at Your Company’s Holiday Party

Whether your company is a global corporation, a non profit or a local enterprise on Long Island, renting a holiday party photo booth is recommended. A photo booth at your holiday party makes your occasion more enjoyable, and promotes your business long after your party is finished. Recently, photo booths have grown in popularity and, while you are probably accustomed to seeing them used at weddings, businesses have started to embrace them as an attraction for holiday events.

Corporate holiday parties tend to be either dull, awkward affairs, or extremely boisterous and wild. If you are planning one of these events, avoiding both of these scenarios is a priority. A holiday party photo booth is distinctive and draws attendees to it. It enables employees to bond and gives them an additional source of fun. A photo booth at your holiday party makes the event a bit more exciting, because everyone likes being snapped with their friends and colleagues. Better still, the photos are printed fast, so guests get instant mementos. The captured images are relayed to the printer immediately, so there are no long waits for photographs. As an ice breaker, a box of silly props is usually provided with the booth. Then, as quick as a flash, guests start queuing up to strut their stuff in their own personal ‘photo shoot’.

A holiday party photo booth is an entertaining and fashionable accessory to include at any event. Moreover, you can customize your photo booth so that it reflects your company, brand or event theme. Bespoke photo booth options include exterior wrapping, personalized backdrops, curtains, sign toppers and floor vinyl. ‘Chroma key’ or green screen technology is used to digitally substitute the green screen for a video or image, without altering the subject positioned in front of the screen. By using a green screen in the photo booth at your holiday party, your guests can choose which background they want to be superimposed in front of. Typically, a choice of about four digital backgrounds is offered in each photo booth, so guests can pick the one that catches their eye. If you prefer, you can even provide your own backgrounds.

You can also tailor a holiday party photo booth to your specific event, by including a customized wrap. The possibilities are infinite, as far as the artwork goes. The wrapping can consist of a collage of photos, a single photo, a brand/product for advertising purposes, a color scheme that fits the theme of the occasion, a solid color, social media/company information and much more. It is easy to wrap the photo booth at your holiday party. The photo booth supplier will send you the booth dimensions, along with the vector templates in Adobe Illustrator. Then, either you, a work colleague or a friend with graphic design experience can create the design. After the files are finished, you send them to the supplier for installation, and your photo booth will look like it was specifically built for your company. Thankfully, photo booth wraps are affordable, and they serve as a regular reminder that your business is great. This keeps your brand in the spotlight, so people are more likely to share their photos on Twitter or Facebook, etc.

Indeed, on each photo, you can get your marketing message or brand logo printed. Then, a few days after the party, all guests can download unlimited digital photographs for free, from the photo booth supplier’s website. Consequently, guests, partners and staff members frequently share their images on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, generating additional brand exposure for your business. Some photo booth suppliers provide social media integration, which enables guests to tweet, Facebook and email their images on-site. This means that everyone at your party will be informing their friends about how enjoyable your event is. Regardless of the aim of a specific advertising campaign, a holiday party photo booth can help to achieve it.

A photo booth at your holiday party is a creative way to enhance your celebrations. Throughout the event, you and your staff will have unrestricted access to the booth, and it serves as a nice keepsake ˗ giving your guests something to take home with them from the party. You can organize games and/or competitions involving the photo booth during the party. Usually, the photo booth supplier can offer advice on this. Most suppliers provide a technician with the booth, who can assist with this too. Technicians from reputable suppliers will dress appropriately for your event. For formal events, like black tie gala evenings, technicians will dress in formal dresses and tuxedos, rather than jeans and t-shirts. Some digital photo booths also include video. This can be used to record guests answering particular questions on camera, or simply for fun. These photo booths will make your holiday party or celebration unforgettable.

Undoubtedly, pictures are essential, when it comes to celebrating a special event. Whether it’s a low key occasion with a small guest list, a product launch party, or even a large gathering at a swanky hotel, every vital minute and photo worthy opportunity should be recorded and preserved. Of course, when the party is finished and all the attendees have gone home, the only thing left will be the memories of the joyous occasion ˗ and the photos are the only evidence that the event happened. By using a photo booth, a company can capture the party, without having to worry about hiring someone to run around taking photos.

One popular idea is to produce a scrapbook, showcasing the wonderful memories throughout the evening. If your company has had a particularly successful year, or you are celebrating a milestone event, a scrapbook can be a great way of recording the best company party ever. Furthermore, with a scrapbook, you have fun photos that are directly connected to your business.

Photo booths are meant to be flexible, enjoyable and memorable. People of all ages love these booths, because they offer non stop fun. Customized, good quality prints are created within seconds of every session, so the laughter comes quickly and frequently.