Finding a way to make a corporate event effective can be difficult. After all, you’re looking for something that both pushes your company’s agenda and provides the guest with entertainment. That’s why it’s often best to focus on something that does the latter very well, while discretely furthering the progress of the former. A good photo booth rental for your event provides the entertainment that your guests crave, while still allowing you to pursue marketing goals. These booths not only bring people together and create lasting memories, but they can help to increase your company’s presence online and fulfill an important marketing function.

Bringing People Together

Rather few people take pictures in photo booths alone. No, these booths are largely a group experience – one that can bring together people in an enclosed space for a moment of fun that can cement relationships and even help build partnerships. Having a photo booth for your event is a good way to make sure that all of your guests have a moment to simply relax, enjoy some fun with a friend, and make connections that might last long past the evening – and even walk away with a memento of that moment.

It’s funny how a simple photo can change things, but there’s something about the booths that really does change how people interact with one another. Perhaps its the confined space or the novelty of having a machine take the picture, but there’s something about getting that small strip of pictures that really makes it easy to forge a friendship in moments. If you’re looking for a good way to encourage camaraderie at your company without making things seems a bit forced, look into getting a photo booth for your company retreat – you might be surprised at how it changes people.

Creating Keepsake

There are dozens of reasons to host a corporate event – from fundraisers to team building, the goals of event planning usually center around making a memorable occasion. If you really want to make sure that your guests keep the event – and your company – in mind after you go home, you’ve got to make sure that you send them home with something that they will keep. While the usual assortment of company bags and logo-emblazoned pens adorn almost every conference table in the country, you can make more outstanding memories by providing a corporate event photo booth.

Photo booths print out a small strip of photos – nothing particularly fancy, but they make a permanent reminder of the evening’s entertainment. When people bring those photos home, they’re bringing home not just the memory of the night, but the memory of the company that hosted that night. Your company’s name will be at the forefront of their thoughts every time they look at those photos, creating a bit of marketing every time they share the story behind the pictures. There’s a reason why these booths are so popular – they help to market a company even as they entertain.

Matching Branding

There’s more to these booths than just photos, though. It’s always important to keep your brand in the eye of the public, and you can use a company dinner photo booth to remind people of exactly who has brought them together for the evening. Booths are often able to be customized with very specific branding packages, each of which will keep your company’s name at the forefront of the evening. Even if you’re not the dominant sponsor of the night, you can make sure that your company stays in the limelight by having a properly branded photo booth.

One common method of branding is through the use of a custom booth wrap. The photo booth for your company retreat can feature your company’s logo – and the slogans of the retreat – prominently, allowing you to add a bit of an official feel to the proceedings. If you really want to hammer home your company’s involvement with an evening, you can even make use of custom backgrounds in the photo images – this places a permanent reminder of the company’s sponsorship in the images that people take home. If you’re looking for a great marketing push, there’s nothing better than encouraging people to take your brand with them to show off to others.

Social Media Push

Your corporate event photo booth rental can also be used to work on your team’s social media push. Today’s booths aren’t the simple machines of the past, and many can upload photos directly to social media. A push of the button can send the funny – and possibly well-branded – pictures to a variety of accounts, suddenly rocketing your event’s message to the top of every social list. All it takes is the right photo booth partner to make sure that you have the technology available.

You can go even further with some booths, encouraging your guests to use specific Instagram and Twitter hashtags in addition to their pictures. Imagine the marketing impact of having your event trending across the world, all through the use of a simple photo booth. It doesn’t take much to make a splash in the world of social media, and increasing your company’s online profile through the use of something as fun as easy as a photo booth will allow you to enjoy your night while still making progress towards your company’s online marketing goals.

A good corporate event photo booth can change your company’s night from one focused simply on business to one that is both fun and effective. Whether you’re looking to make memories, increase the profile of your business online or you’re simply looking for a good marketing push, your photo booth can get the job done. Always make sure to work with the right photo booth vendor, and make sure that you know exactly what you want from the photo experience. With a little work on your end, you can make sure that this is one piece of entertainment that will more than pay for itself.