The are many challenges you face when putting together the perfect event.  From music to decor, every little detail counts.  Just as important as the details of your event are the memories that your guests make.  Leaving your guests with everlasting memories, along with actual “take-away memories” for them to bring home, ensures that your event is the one they are talking about months afterwards.

At Expressions Cinema, we have been helping capture memories for years. Our photo booth is the latest product we are offering to help your memories last longer. Our booth offers not only photography, but slo-motion video, animation and green screen.  Our photo booths are also fully customizable and we have full social media integration options.   Take a look at why having a photo booth rental is a great option:

Ramp Up The Fun Factor

Photo booths make it easier to ramp up the fun factor at your event. For instance, guests can pop in and make/pull faces or wear funny costumes to spice up their photos. This will definitely keep them engaged and talking to each other for hours to come instead of staring at their mobile devices as they try to avoid one another. Remember people attending an event such as a corporate jig may not necessarily know each other. A picture booth can act more or less like an office coffee machine allowing people who do not know each other strike conversations. Moreover, people loosen up inside a picture booth. In comparison, the same people are likely to appear more serious and up tight in front of a professional photographer. 

Improve Your Event’s Social Media Reach

Many modern photo booths allow users to upload and share photos with their friends on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With such a booth at your event, you will have attendees practically marketing your company or event free of charge on these sites. This is tantalizing because a survey carried out by the Pew Research Center in 2014 found that 52% of online adults maintain and use multiple social networking sites every day. In a densely populated area such as New York, which has more than eight million residents, according to the US Census Bureau, this approach will help you reach many web users who could turn out to be loyal clients in future.

Take Home Souvenirs

Photo booths allow event attendees to take home souvenirs because images are sent straight to a printer. This could be a normal unaltered picture or one that has undergone some form of digital manipulation. In addition, you can have the firm providing a picture booth add your company’s watermark or logo to printed photos. This is a great way of ensuring your brand stays in front of consumer’s eyes for weeks or months after an event.

Attract People to Your Stall

Companies usually go to great lengths to make their stalls attractive to trade fair attendees. Besides attracting people to your stall, a photo booth can be an effective marketing tool. This is because, even if people who pass by do not buy your company’s products/services straight away, a picture will always remind them about your brand for months or years to come. In New York’s highly competitive business environment, this approach could have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.

Little or No Interference with Ongoing Event

A photo booth does not interfere with an ongoing activity in any way. All you have to do is to inform people who have attended your event that there is a photo booth available. After this, you can continue with event’s program and let guests pop in the booth for photos whenever they feel like. It is also worth noting that photo booths do not take up a lot of space. Most picture booths are about 2.5 feet wide, five feet long, and six or so feet high. These dimensions ensure they can fit through doorways easily. Nevertheless, you will come across booths that can fit as few as two people and others that can fit as many as 10 people. It is up to you to choose one that suits your event. 

Make A Product Launch Count

Product launches are tricky because there is no way of guaranteeing success. It could all end up as a failure. One way of enhancing people’s experience with your company’s new product/service is by arranging to have a photo booth nearby. People can pop in to the booth for a picture while holding your company’s new product. Whenever they look at those photos later, they will remember that they were taken at the launch of, say, product XYZ. This beats any other type of razzmatazz that you could introduce at such a launch.

Appeal to All Ages

A photo booth appeals to the young as well as the old. A two year old will feel comfortable inside such a booth in the same way as a senior citizen. This is better than say hiring a bouncing castle for a birthday event because it will only appeal to kids, not adults.

Great Time Filler

An event such as a wedding could go on for several hours. A photo booth is the perfect time filler that would come in handy in between activities such as official photo shoot and reception. Guests can congregate around the picture booth and build conversations around pictures as they are printed instead of idling around waiting for the next activity.


Unless you are hiring a high-end booth, most booths are quite affordable with prices ranging from $800 to $5,000 in Manhattan as well as the other four New York boroughs.Most people and companies can afford to shell out this amount of money to make an event exciting and memorable. 

Host A Unique Event

Instead of hiring the usual characters such as DJs, musicians, or local comedians to spice up your event, make it unique with a picture booth. The aim is to give people attending your event an experience they will not forget in a hurry.

If you are planning to host a corporate, family, wedding, or religious event, then you should consider hiring a photo booth. Such a booth will help you improve your event’s social media reach and ramp up the event’s fun factor. Additionally, the booth is likely to appeal to people of all ages, make it easier for guests to take home souvenirs, as well as keep your guests engaged without necessarily interfering with the event’s program.

We are currently booking events in Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, Connecticut, and any of the other Five Boroughs.  Options are also available for events out of state. Contact Us for more information.