Expressions Cinema Photo Kiosk

Leave an impressions on your guests.


Social Media

Upload Photos Directly to Your Favorite Social Media Sites


Fully Customizable

Customize The Kiosk or Backgrounds to Match Your Brand


Design To Brag About

Gone are the days of old-fashioned photo booths with closed curtains. Our state-of-the-art open space Photo Kiosk is modern and sleek and sure to be the eye-catching hit of your event.

Completely Customizable

Not only can we provide customized background but our modern kiosks can be fully wrapped to represent your brand and identity. From wedding monogram to corporate logo, our kiosk look like they were built for you.

Loaded With Power

Our Photo Kiosk are built for sharing. You can upload the images directly to your favorite social media sites.  You can also email yourself the photos instantly.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; it’s all there for you.

Like What You See? We’re Just Getting Started See Photo Booth Options

Is A Photo Kiosk For You?

Events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and family gatherings can bring together tens or hundreds of people. Throw in today’s “selfie” culture and such gatherings usually provide the perfect environment for taking and sharing photos. Instead of leaving people to use their mobile devices to take photos, you could rent a photo booth to grace your event.

Imagine the thrill your guests will have when they know they can capture the moment in the most advanced way possible. Similar to the traditional photo booth, this brand-new technology can give you an experience you’ve never had before.

Here’s How It Works

First, get your custom designed wrap to match the theme of your event. The wrap can have any image or text you desire and it will give the appearance that your booth was custom built for you.

Next, your custom designed photo kiosk will be hand delivered to your event and have a certified, friendly operator aiding in the fun experience.

Then, with the ability to share your photos in real-time with your social following, you can make sure everyone knows your event is the place to be.

Finally, after you’re done making hilarious faces for the pictures, you will receive a printout, which you can post to your fridge, hang on your desk, or give to your mother so she can cherish. Your prints will also have a custom branding logo dictating which event the photo took place at.

What To Do Now

Our Photo Booth Rentals are available in Long Island, New York City and anywhere in the Tri-State Area. There are a variety of reasons a photo booth can help enhance your party.  Take a look at our options to see what is available in your area and secure your Long Island photo booth